Garrett metal detectors

Garrett Axiom Gold Prospecting Metal Detector

Garrett Axiom Gold Prospecting Metal Detector with Ultra-Pulse Technology PN 1142720 Advanced pulse timings provide enhanced sensitivity and complete versatility in the most extreme mineralized soils and in saltwater. Choose from four settings, each ideally engineered for finding all types of gold, from larger nuggets to sub-gram pickers. Garrett Axiom Detection Modes The Axiom has four …

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TAKE YOUR PROSPECTING TO NEW DEPTHS. The Garrett Goldmaster® 24k (originally produced by White’s Electronics) is a high-frequency induction-balance gold nugget detector. The GM24k features a 54% increase in coil voltage over the prior White’s GMT model, resulting in increased sensitivity to small nuggets. Experienced prospectors know more sensitivity is not the only answer to …


Garrett Ace 250 metal detector

Garrett Ace 250 metal detector Who said you can’t build an affordable metal detector that has all of the exciting technology you love Announcing the ALL NEW, features-loaded, Ace 250 metal detector. With 40 years of engineering prowess behind it and head-turning sporty, outdoor design, this machine was made to perform for the 21st Century treasure …

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Garrett Ace Apex

Garrett Ace Apex SIMPLICITY… WITH FULL CONTROL INTUITIVE AND EFFICIENT CONTROLSDirect drive buttons for most frequently used controls. Easy-access menu adjustments for other controls. SIX DETECTION MODES + PINPOINTZero, Coins, US Coins (with coin icons), Jewelry, Relics, and Custom HI-RESOLUTION GROUND BALANCE175 points of ground balance resolution (like the Garrett AT Max), ranging from ferrous …

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