Ace 250

Garrett Ace 250 metal detector

Garrett Ace 250 metal detector

Who said you can’t build an affordable metal detector that has all of the exciting technology you love

Ace 250
Ace 250

Announcing the ALL NEW, features-loaded, Ace 250 metal detector. With 40 years of engineering prowess behind it and head-turning sporty, outdoor design, this machine was made to perform for the 21st Century treasure hunter. But don’t be fooled, this detector doesn’t win first in its class on looks alone! It’s as new on the inside as it is on the outside.

Loaded with full-range notch discrimination, pinpoint feature, graphic target ID and Touch-n-Go technology, the Garrett Ace 250 is the finest metal detector in its class. It also comes with a graphic target ID cursor with 12 element GTA notch discrimination for greater accuracy, Coin Depth Mode, Tone ID, 8 Sensitivity Setting, 5 pre-set hunting modes and of course the most advanced LCD graphic screen for quick and easy visual target ID. Whew! Need we go on?

So, there’s no hiding in. The Ace 250 is the most desirable machine of its kind on the market. And its brawny, rugged good looks even inspired us to design the Ace Series accessory line. From bags, caps, hunting aprons, digging tools and visors to earphones, you can be the treasure hunting Ace you were destined to become! Of course you’d never expect a detector with this price tag to offer so much greatness. Just one more reason, you need the Ace 250. So hold on tight. The Ace 250 will take you on the treasure hunting adventure of your life!


Graphic Target ID Cursor(12 Segments) Discrimination: Accept/Reject Notch Electronic Pinpoint
Sensitivity, Depth Adjustment (8 Settings) Battery Condition Indicator Coin Depth Indicator
Headphone Jack Interchangeable Ace Series Searchcoils Large LCD Display
Microprocessor Controlled Push Button Controls Clear Speaker Tone
Ton ID, 3 Levels Touch-n-Go Operation A&S Rated 5 Star
Setting Full Range, Multi Notch Discrimination Modes Sensitivity/Depth
Mode, 5 Distinct Discrimination Patterns Pinpoint  
Specifications Length: 42″ to 51″ – Adjustable Weight: 2.7 lbs. (102 Kgs. )
Frequency: 6.5 KHz 4 AA battery operation (batteries included) 2 Year Warranty
Search Modes All Metal Jewelry
Custom Relics Coins
Seachcoil ALL-NEW, Rhino Tough 6.5X9″ PROformance interchangeable Searchcoil
Ace 250 Ace 150
12 Segments 5 Segments Graphic Target ID
5 Modes including custom 3 Modes Pre-Programmed Notch Discrimination Search Modes
4 Levels 3 Levels Coin Depth Indicators
YES NO Electronic Pinpointing
YES YES All New Interchangeable Ace Series Coil
YES YES Tone ID , 3 Levels
YES YES Battery Condition Indicator
YES YES Headphone Jack
YES YES Tactile Push Buttons
YES YES Large, Clear LCD Display
YES YES Touch-n-Go Operation
YES YES Adjustable Armrest
YES YES 3 Piece Breakdown Stem, to 24 “