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Fisher 1280-x metal detector


Fisher Metal Detectors
Oldest Name In Business, Since 1931

1280-X Aquanaut, Underwater Metal Detector
Deep-seeking, submersible, turn-on-and-go metal detector with VF discrimination and Target strength LED

The 1280-X Aquanaut features VF-slow motion discrimination, audio and visual target response and Fisher’s Patented Double-Derivative electronics. It is easy to use-just set the three control knobs ( Discrimination, Volume and sensitivity ) and forget about them. 

1280-X Aquanaut Features are:

* Submersible to 250 feet, * Salt water Operation, * Submersible headphones, * Visual target response strength indicated by LED, * Auto Turn-on-and-go * Converts to Hipmount , * Discrimination Mode, * Lifetime Warranty.